Marsh Jr. High School - Social Studies
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  Greg Bishop     An aligator in front of a chalkboard    Nick Bonacich   An aligator in front of a chalkboard
Greg Bishop, Room D14
History 6
895-4110 x 314
Roy Bishop, Room C12
History 6, 7, & 8
895-4110 x 312
Nick Bonacich, Room B1
History 6
895-4110 x 301
Billy Hague, Room C11
Science 7 & 8
895-4110 x 311
   Tom Melton    Lisa Reynolds    Ryan Willard       
Tom Melton, Room P29
History 7 & 8
895-4110 x 329
Lisa Reynolds, Room B6
History 7
895-4110 x 306
Ryan Willard, Room B2
History 6
895-4110 x 302
The Marsh Junior Social Science Department is eager to help students understand the importance of history in their lives - how it has created their present and how it will impact their future.

Our 6th and 7th grade courses include world history, ancient civilizations and geography, including the everyday lives, problems and accomplishments of people and how they shaped the world we live in today.
The 8th grade course includes discovery and settlement, founding of the colonies, war for independence, birth of our nation, westward movement, Native Americans, Civil War and Reconstruction.
All classes meet the California History-Social Science Content Standards for California Public Schools for Grades 6-8. 

7th Grade World History

Textbook:  Across the Centuries
Geography & Archaeology
Roman Empire
Middle East & Islam
West African Kingdoms
Medieval Europe
The Renaissance

8th Grade U.S. History

Textbook:  The American Journey
The Colonies
The Revolutionary War
The Constitution
Westward Movement
The Civil War & Reconstruction
Industrial America