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Club Live is a club for middle school students that meets on middle school campuses. This group of youth build their leadership skills while expanding their social network and implementing community change projects.

Club Live has programs on the campuses of Bidwell Junior High School, Biggs Middle School, Central Middle School, Chico Junior High School, Ishi Hills Middle School, Palermo Middle School, Sierra Junior High School, and Sycamore Middle School.

You can also visit the Butte County Club Live webpage to see more info and pictures from the various Club Live events at each school!

Marsh Club Live is run by Sheila Snyder. To learn more about Club Live on Marsh's campus or to see how you can get involved, you can contact:

Sheila Snyder
Marsh Club Live Organizer
895 - 4110 x 251
Fausto Fuentes
Marsh Club Live Assistant
895 - 4110 x 281


Marsh Club Live meetings are held every Tuesday in room E-22 for 6th grade and room S-32 for 7th and 8th grades.


Located at: 15850 Richardson Springs Road, Chico, CA
When: October 9-10th (2019) and March 7-9th (2020)