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Multicultural Club

Our multicultural club last week  had a blast at our field trip to Round Table pizza! 😊 Our students got to see the behind the scenes work at Round Table and got to learn the process of making a pizza from scratch!! If you don't know who Michael Thames is, he is the 6th grader you see in the pictures who had the opportunity to make a pizza. Michael is a foodie, loves to prepare meals when possible, is a Bobby Flay fan, and hopes to one day become a chef and open up his own restaurant! :) Overall, all of our kids had fun! A big thank you to both of our CSU interns Bianka and Miranda for always helping, and Mike Konu, the general manager at Round Table who welcomed us and made this trip a fun one! 😃

Latino Conference

Shout out to our MARSH boys who were the only ones who behaved during our Latino Conference at Chico State!!! Chico Junior and Bidwell Jr High boys were also in attendance, but were quite a mess during the entire conference. Our students were respectful, quiet, responsible and really represented our school like true Gators from start to finish!! If you see them around...please let them know you heard they were awesome during our trip this past Friday 😊 Thank you all!

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