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gator shack

Hello Gator Families!

We have had a great start to our Gator Shack this school year - Thank you for all that have donated supplies to support our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports system (PBIS). PBIS is designed to teach students pro-social skills and to support behaviors consistent with a positive and safe learning environment.
In order to ensure the success of PBIS, it is imperative that we reward students for displaying positive behaviors that reflect a dedication to learning and citizenship. The school has a very limited budget so our whole Gator Shack has been stocked by your generous donations.  Throughout the school year donations of any size are greatly appreciated!
We value your dedication to the education of our students. Feel free to drop supplies off in the main office specified for PBIS or order from our Amazon Wishlist. If you have any questions or would like know more about our PBIS program, feel free to contact me at 895-4110.
Thank you,
PBIS Team Leader,

PBIS Gator Shack necessities


All donations go straight to the Gator Shack as prizes that students can buy with the Gator Green that they earn.

Students can earn Gator Green from any Marsh Staff member that notices them being helpful and respectful.
Ship to:
Marsh Jr. High PBIS * 2253 Humboldt Road  Chico, CA  95928
Items can be acquired from Amazon, Costco, or wherever else is convenient for you.
Some ideas of items needed are:
Takis – (Flaming Hot Chips)
Granola Bars
Cookies Brownie Brittle (snack size)
Mini Gatorade
Candy Bars
Ring Pops
Mini Chip Bags
Slim Jim Smoked Meat Sticks
Rice Krispie Treats
Fruit by the Foot/Fruit Snacks
Trail Mix
Movie Size Boxes of Candy
Individual Snack Size Jerky
Popcorn Balls
Tiny Altoids
Splat Balls
Mentos Mini
Stress Balls
Zotz Fizzy Candy
Individually Wrapped Cookies/Snacks
Hair Scrunchies
Fruit Gushers/Roll-ups

Gator Shack Prizes

shack winnersshack winners 2
shack winners 3