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About Us

Marsh Junior High School is located in the southeast section of Chico. It serves students who reside in areas that serve Chapman, Little Chico Creek, Parkview, and Sierra View elementary schools. The curriculum is diverse in meeting the needs of all students, from those with identified learning disabilities to the gifted and talented.

Our Mission

Marsh Junior High School will ensure every student will reach a high level of academic achievement based on state standards by providing a nurturing environment with a comprehensive system of assessments and support.

Map Description 

2023-24 campus map. The campus sits on the corner of Humboldt Road to the north, and Notre Dame Boulevard to the south. The main entrance to the campus is an office building on the corner of Humboldt road and Notre Dame Boulevard. The public entrance of the office is on the southwest corner of the building. The rest of the campus is accessible through the southeast of the office. Directly south from the office is the S building. To the east of the office is a building hosting classrooms labeled the B and C wing. This building consists of two square crescent sections.To the east of the C wing is a large fence. This fence connects the C wing to the D building. The D building consists of a single square crescent. In between the D and E building to the east is a gap. The E building consists of an L shape, with its base oriented north.Further east are the portables. To the south of the E building is the Multi purpose room. The MPR is a large building that houses the cafeteria and band rooms. To the south of the Multi purpose room is the gymnasium. North west of the gymnasium is the library, which is in the center of the campus. Buildings B through E are connected via shaded walkways along with the library in the center. 

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