Marsh Jr. High School - Electives
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Portrait of Diana Abbott
Diana Abbott
Computers & Yearbook
895 - 4110 x 430
Portrait of Gina Hoffman
Gina Hoffman
Brain Games
895 - 4110 x 315
Portrait of Austin King
Austin King
Band & Chrous
895 - 4110 x 371
Portrait of Hannah Metzger
Hannah Metzger
895 - 4110 x 372

Portrait of Susan Moretti
Susan Moretti
Art & Ceramics
895 - 4110 x 321
Portrait of Jamie O'Brien
Jamie O'Brien
895 - 4110 x 373
Portrait of Lisa Reynolds
Lisa Reynolds
895 - 4110 x 306
Portrait of Aurora Soto
Aurora Soto
Spanish & AVID
895 - 4110 x 322

Elective Course Descriptions:

STEM 1 - Inventor's Makerspace

6th Grade

This course will provide an introduction to the tools, materials, and maker culture associated with the Makerspace, where students develop creative solutions to real world challenges through tinkering, exploring, and inventing.   Students will learn design thinking (3D sketching and modeling) and explore making with both "bits" (physical materials) and "bytes" (digital materials).  Units may include 3D printing, circuitry, animation, toy making and more!

STEM 2 - Automation and Robotics

7th & 8th Grade

In this semester long STEM class, students will use VEX Robotics kits to learn about how machines work, from mechanical systems to energy transfer and machine automation to computer controlled systems.  We will  build dragsters, an entire assembly line, and finish the semester with student designed robots that they code to complete various tasks. 

STEM 3 – Advanced Engineering

8th Grade

This is a year-long course that builds on everything students have learned in the prerequisite STEM 2 class .   3-D  modeling  and  printing  will be used to  design model objects around the house as  well  as  entire  houses.   Students  will  have more freedom with the VEX  Robotics kits to tackle any challenge they choose and although coding will still be used,  remote control  devices  from  the  competition kits will be available to further enhance task completion and fun.

Brain Games

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

Students will explore traditional and multicultural puzzles and games.  This semester course will include daily brain-teasers such as logic and number puzzles,  “One Minute Mysteries,” and “Word  Plexers.”  Students will also research the origins and strategies of a particular game or puzzle and present their findings to the class.  There will be many in-class opportunities to work on a variety of puzzles that build spatial visualization and logic skills.


6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

This introductory class is a semester packed with a variety of computer experiences including Photoshop, learning all about Google Applications, an introduction to coding, and so much more!  Students will also learn about computer components as well as about online safety.

Advanced Computers

7th & 8th Grade

This computer class takes Computer Basics to the next level.  Students will have the opportunity to dive deeper into creative computer applications such as Photoshop, animated videos, and desktop publishing.   More advanced coding and learning about Microsoft applications will be a part of this semester class.

Publications / Yearbook

7th & 8th Grade

This year-long class will focus on producing the MJHS  Yearbook.  Graphic design and photography are a large part of this class.  Students must be willing to take pictures at a variety of school events and take responsibility for their assigned portion of the yearbook.  Other published projects will also be produced throughout the year.

Student Government / Leadership

7th & 8th Grade

Is there a leader within you?  Do you want to be in charge of school activities?   Are you interested in making your junior high years the most memorable?  If you answered “YES,” Student Government/Leadership may be right for you!  An informational meeting for 6th/7th graders will be held in April for students who may be interested.  The class will be explained at this meeting and applications will be available.  For 8th grade, the two ways to get into the Leadership program is by election or interview.
Questions? Stop by Room B-6 or email Mrs. Reynolds at 
(Year-long class for 8th graders/Semester only for 7th graders.)

Spanish I-P

8th Grade only

This year-long, college prep course is designed to introduce the student to the fundamentals of speaking, reading, writing, and understanding the Spanish language.  Oral communicative language is stressed using controlled vocabulary in everyday conversations.  The Spanish culture is studied via slides, movies, and readings.  Art, games, and music are used, as are skits, to enhance language usage.   Students must have  good academic standing in classes.  Successful completion of Spanish 1-P will allow you to move to Spanish 2 in high school.

Foods and Nutrition

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

This course  is  an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition, food preparation, and kitchen safety.  The goal is to enhance student awareness in  regards to healthy food choices and cooking basics.   Students will participate  in  food  labs,  create  their  own  cookbook,  and end the semester by making an entire meal for family and friends.


6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

This introductory course is filled with  projects for the  beginning art student.  We will use a wide variety  of  mediums,  such as felt tip  markers, tempera and water color  paints,   pastels,  pencils,   and pen  and  ink, to  explore  different  ways  to express art.   Students  will create op art, scratch board art, portraits, one dimensional  buildings,  and Notan  Designs, just to name a few.


6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

Do you love to sing??  Then Chorus is for you!  This semester only class  is a beginning level chorus designed to introduce music reading, the fundamentals of singing, breathing, two to three  part  choral  singing  and  working  together as a group.   Music reading, interval listening, dictation and proper group singing are emphasized.

Beginning Band

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

Do you want to learn  how  to play  an instrument?   If  so,   Beginning Band is for you.  Pick your choice of a woodwind  instrument    (flute,     clarinet,  saxophone), a brass instrument (trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone), or (drums, mallets and piano).  As you learn your instrument, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to perform on the Marsh campus as well as on field trips to the high schools, Chico State, and  elsewhere.   If you like performing, this class is for you.  No previous experience required.  (Year-long elective class.)

Concert Band

7th, & 8th Grade

This band class is for advanced musicians with at least one full year of experience on their instrument.  The experience can be in the Beginning Band class or as an elementary band student.  The Band performs at festivals around the north state, pep rallies on campus, and does various different field trips and honor bands throughout the school year.  Concert band will challenge you to become a great musician and is the logical choice for students interested in continuing band in high school. 
(Year-long elective class.)


7th & 8th Grade

This course is designed to introduce students to the world of clay. Students will be working with various  ceramic techniques including greenware and glazing projects. The students will create tiles, suns, pinch pots, whistles, cups, bowls, and many individual exploration projects.

Child Development

7th & 8th Grade

This course is designed to help you understand how to work with and care for children as they grow.  It explains how children develop physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.  It will also help you apply what you have learned to meet children’s needs in the best possible ways, and understand the importance of  studying child development whether you become a parent, work in a child-related field, or just spend time with children.  Babysitting tips, storytelling, learning games and children’s party planning are some of the topics and projects covered in this class.

Main Office Aide

8th Grade

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the  Main Office? Here’s your chance to find out!  Do you have good attendance, like to greet the public, run call slips, operate office machines,  learn new skills?   Are you  reliable?  Can you keep what you see and hear confidential?  If so, we’d like to talk to you.  See your counselor in the Main Office for more information.