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Immunization Requirements

A Tdap booster shot is now required for admission to junior high school for all incoming 7th graders.
 Dear Parent/Guardian:
To help protect your children and others from the whooping cough, a new California law now requires students to obtain immunizations to prevent the whooping cough.
All students entering 7th grade will need proof of the Tdap booster shot before starting school.
By law, students who do not have proof of receiving a Tdap booster vaccine will not be able to start school until proof is provided to the school. (The tetanus-diptheria booster shot, TD,will not meet the requirement).
Please see the flyer posted in the school office for more information about the Tdap vaccine and this immunization requirement.
We want to make sure your child starts school on time.  I urge you to:
1. Review new requirement as outlined in the flyer.
2. Get your child's Tdap shot now.
A large number of students need a Tdap shot between now and the start of school next year.  Make an appointment with your child's doctor or clinic for your child to get a Tdap booster shot now.  Avoid the back-to-school rush.
3. Save your proof of immunization.
Be sure to keep the written proof of your child's Tdap booster shot in a safe place. Your child will need to provide proof of immunization in order to start school.
Getting the Tdap immunization now will not only help protect your child against the ongoing threat of whooping cough but will also meet the new school requirement.
If you have any questions, please contact the Health Office, (530) 895-4113 or the Butte County Health Department at 530) 879-3665.
Jessica Kamph
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Health Screenings

Hearing and Vision screening for all 8th grade students takes place in November

Scoliosis screening will take place sometime in the spring for all 7th grade girls and 8th grade boys. 

If you have any questions or prefer not to have your child screened, please call the health office at 895-4113.


California state law requires a Tdap and 2nd Varicella vaccination for all incoming 7th grade students.

If your child is a 6th grader, you must obtain the Tdap booster and 2nd Varicella before their 7th grade school year.  Boosters can tend to run out by the end of the summer. So get them early. You can get also get them anytime during 6th grade year as well.

Tdap boosters can by obtained at your child’s pediatrician well visit, the Butte County Health Dept. or any drug store pharmacy, i.e. Costco, Walgreens, CVS etc…

Proof of Tdap  and 2nd Varicella can be a brought in, mailed in or faxed to the health office anytime during your child’s 6th grade school year. 

Fax # : 530 895-4111 
  • Personal Belief Exemptions will no longer accepted (PBE). If your child is unable to receive vaccinations for any reason, a written medical exemption from a licensed physician is required.

Please call the Butte County Health Dept.@ 891-2731 for more information.

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