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Julia Smith gina with dog Victoria Leitner

Julia Smith

 Math C, Math B/C room D13

895 - 4110 x  //

Brittney Hodges

IRI Math, Math A  room D15

895 - 4110 x  // 

Victoria Leitner

 IMI, Math C room D18

895 - 4110 x  //
  Greg Bishop  

Greg Bishop

 Math A, Math B room D14

895 - 4110 x  //

Course descriptions


Math A (6th Grade)

In Math A, instructional time will focus on three critical areas:
  1. Connecting ratio and rate to whole number multiplication and division, and using concepts of ratio and rate to solve problems
  2. Developing fluency with fraction and decimal operations and how to convert between the two
  3. Extending the notion of number to the system of rational numbers, which includes negative numbers.

Math B (7th Grade)

In Math B, instructional time will focus on four critical areas:
  1. Developing understanding of and applying proportional relationships
  2. Developing understanding of operations with rational numbers and working with expressions and linear equations
  3. Solving problems involving scale drawings and informal geometric constructions, and working with two- and three-dimensional shapes to solve problems involving area, surface area, and volume
  4. Drawing inferences about populations based on samples. 

Math BC (7th grade) 

This accelerated course teaches the concepts from both Math B and Math C in one year. 


Math C (8th Grade)

In Math C, instructional time should focus on three critical areas:
  1. Formulating and reasoning about expressions and equations, including modeling an association in bivariate data with a linear equation, and solving linear equations and systems of linear equations
  2. Grasping the concept of a function and using functions to describe quantitative relationships
  3. Analyzing two- and three-dimensional space and figures using distance, angle, similarity, and congruence and understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem. Students also work towards fluency with solving simple sets of two equations with two unknowns by inspection.

Integrated Math (IM1, 8th grade)

Integrated Math 1 is designed to combine some of the basic principles of Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics.  Students will deepen and extend their understanding of linear relationships and be introduced to exponential functions, modeled through data.  Students will use properties and theorems involving congruent figures, transformations, and coordinate geometry to expand and broaden understanding of geometric knowledge.  Students will experience mathematics as a coherent, useful, and logical subject that draws on their ability to make sense of problem situations. They will develop the ability to explore and solve mathematical problems, think critically, work cooperatively with other students and communicate mathematical ideas clearly.

Math Course Pathways

Middle School Math Course Pathways

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