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Luke Carriere Marty Dockendorf Carrie McGarr

Luke Carriere

6th grade PE

895 - 4110 x 365 //

Marty Dockendorf

7th & 8th grade PE

Syllabus: See video
895 - 4110 x 385 //

Carrie McGarr

6th, 7th, & 8th grade PE

895 - 4110 x 360 //
jan schaefer Carissa Copeland

Jan Schaeffer

7th & 8th grade PE

895 - 4110 //

Carissa Copeland

7th & 8th grade PE

895 - 4110 x 360 //

PE Department Introduction Videos!

Marty Dockendorf Carrie McGarr
Mr. Dockendorf Mrs. McGarr

Course information

Marsh Junior High School has twenty-six sections of co-ed PE taught by three female and three male teachers. All classes adhere to all federal, state, and district guidelines.

As physical educators, we work to encourage confidence in movement, an appreciation for the importance of physical fitness, and an ability to work well both independently and on a team.  

After completing three years of physical education at Marsh Junior High School, our students will have been exposed to a variety of activities that will help them to increase movement coordination, improve health, and develop social skills.

All PE classes conform to the California Physical Education Framework

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