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Jennifer Lopez bladorn Kyle Gunther

  Jennifer Lopez

Science 8 & AVID, room E20

Syllabus: Science 6
895 - 4110  //

Emily Bladorn

Science 7 room S35

895 - 4110  //

Kyle Gunther

Science 7, room B2

895 - 4110  //
Suzanne King Hannah Metzger Jaime O

Suzanne King

Science 6 & 7, room S34

Syllabus: Science 7
895 - 4110  //

Hannah Metzger

Science 8 & STEM 2, room S32

895 - 4110 //
Syllabus: Science 8 Honors 

  Jaime O'Brien

Science 6 & STEM 1, room S33


German Torres

Science 6, Honors6 & 8
895-4110  //

Science Department Introduction Videos!

Caitlin Dalby Kyle Gunther Hannah Metzger Jaime O
Ms. Dalby Mr. Gunther Ms. Metzger Mrs. O'Brien

Course descriptions

6th grade

Sixth grade science classes focus on earth sciences,including
earth's structure, heat and energy.
The course units are: 
  1. Systems on Earth
  2. Regional Climates
  3. Weather
  4. Our Changing Climate

7th grade

Seventh grade science focuses on natural processes and human activities
which cause energy to flow and matter to cycle through Earth systems.
The course units are:
  1. Matter and Energy on Earth
  2. Flow of Matter and Energy through Organisms and Rocks
  3. Natural and Human Impacts on Earth
  4. Sustaining Biodiversity
  5. Ecosystems in a Changing World
  6. State Health Standards
Positive Prevention Plus: Click here for Slide show 

Eighth grade science focuses on the processes that changeEarth systems at different spatial scales today and in the past.The course units are:8th grade

  1. Objects move and collide
  2. Noncontact forces influnce phenomena
  3. Evolution explains life's unity and diversity
  4. Sustaining local and global biodiversity

All science classes include hands-on

investigation and experimentation in addition to

meeting the California Science Content Standards for California Public Schools for grades 6-8. 

Message from the principal, Jessica Kamph:

The link below is a list of items frequently used and needed by our science department. If you'd like to donate any of these items, please just drop them off at our office. Thank you!

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