Marsh Jr. High School - Special Education
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Resource Specialist Program

Michelle Erstad Pam Larrance Synda Matthews

Michelle Erstad

Academic Support, room P30

895 - 4110 x 330 //

Pam Larrance

Basic Math & Academic Support, room B5

895 - 4110 x 305 //

Synda Matthews

Academic Support, room C11

895 - 4110 x 319 //

Special Day Class

for students with moderate to severe disabilities

Taryn Blizman Dennis Schultz

Taryn Blizman

Special Education, room C9

895 - 4110 x 309 //

Dennis Schultz

Special Education, room P24

895 - 4110 x 324 //

Emotional & Behavioral Support Program

John Runyan Placeholder

JT Runyan

EBD Support, room P28

895 - 4110 x 328 //

Program information

The Special Education program at Marsh Junior High includes the Resource Specialist Program and Severely Handicapped Program.
The Resource Specialist Program is for students with average or above average abilities who have discrepancies between ability and academic levels as defined by law. The majority of the student's day is spent in the regular program. The Resource Specialist provides consultation to parents and regular staff members in areas such as assessment, curriculum and classroom management.

Eligibility for Special Education classes is determined by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team.