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Visit GROLIER first!

Grolier will have loads of information for you, and it is completely reliable. You will likely find the best information from EA (Encyclopedia Americana) and GME (Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia).

         Don't worry about capitalization.
         Spell correctly.
         Do not use words like the, a or an.
Groiler Online


Visit Calisphere for incredible primary source photos of California

The Library of Congress has an unbelievable collection of photos at American Memory

Check out the Newseum: the world's most interactive museum

Need music for your presentations? Go to freeplay

The CIA Worldfactbook is an amazing resource

Visit The Lonely Planet site when planning a trip

Learn all about California's Endangered Species

Need information about dogs? The AKC is the authority!

Cat Fanciers' Association has all the pedigrees you can explore

The Humane Society of the U.S. has loads of info!

Read this article on Anorexia among dancers

Check these links to articles about eating disorders

Read Scientific American's article on deja vu

The Mozart Effect

The Musical Brain

Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Sprint cars!!

Check out the official U.S. Soccer site

Read this short intro to the history of basketball

On the PDGA page, click on About Disc Golf for rules and history

Visit Transworld's online skate rag

Thrasher has all your skate needs at a click

Discover the science of skateboarding from the Exploratorium

Interested in the stars? Take this online astronomy course!

Coral Reefs: educate yourself about these endangered habitats

World Wildlife Fund

National Geographic Kids

Animal Planet

How Stuff Works

All About Candy/Chocolate

Hershey's Chocolate

Welcome to the official Jelly Belly Site

Wrigley Gum Co. has tons of info for reports!

Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Alliance

Medical research:

Mayo clinic

Centers for Disease Control

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