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Clubs & Activities

Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a good way for students to meet new people, develop new skills, make a contribution and have some fun.
You can display your talents, develop your leadership and organizational abilities, learn to make decisions and manage your time, and enhance your people skills - all traits that will help you in high school and beyond.

California Junior Scholarship Federation
 CJSF is a statewide organization that honors students for outstanding academic performance and service to the community. Qualification is determined by a point system based on the previous semester grades. Applications are available in the main office and at the CJSF meetings. Community service opportunities will be scheduled throughout the year. Parent/guardian volunteers are always needed to assist with driving to service events. Please call Pam Bodnar, CJSF Advisor, at 895-4115 for more information.
Peer Mediators
 Peer Mediators are students selected for advanced training in communication and mediation skills to assist their peers in resolving conflicts. Students or parent/guardians wishing to request help with bullying, harassment, or other conflict issues may call the main office or the 24-hour Bully Hotline at 896-9981, extension 50-#.
Student Government
Be a part of the smooth running of our school by joining Student Government. Help plan social events and activities for students during the school year. Student Government also provides leadership in community service projects, such as clothing drives and Thanksgiving food boxes, and fundraising events such as the annual magazine drive.
Club Live
Club Live is a club for middle school students that meets on middle school campuses. This group of youth build their leadership skills while increasing their social network and implementing community change projects.
The following is a video to show parents and students a brief overview of what the REACH conference looks like...
Multicultural Club
Multicultural club consists of students with diverse backgrounds. At multicultural club, we establish new friendships, expand our knowledge, promote diversity, and partake in activities that foster cultural awareness. Our goal is to provide a cultural environment for the entire school, raise awareness and understanding of diversity. 

Academic Support for Your Student

Click this HERE to view our flyer with ways your student can get extra academic support.

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